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We are a Manchester based Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy that provides courses, training and workshops to the tech community. 

People Before Processes

“45% of employers feel their recruitment tools are ineffective at attracting diverse talent” (PwC, 2015a)

Human beings are generally decent, compassionate and honest people who want to understand the world around them a bit better, and the people that populate that world.

We respect that there is a place for data-driven diversity; however clients come to us when they are looking for more than a ‘box-ticking’ exercise. We aren’t here to rip up your processes, procedures or policies and we have no interest in ‘disrupting’ your business. We’re here to provide people-focused training that empowers and enables your colleagues to support each other in the best way possible.

After all, a process is only good as the person following it.

Trust Before Toys

“For staff joining the workforce, 80% stated potential employer’s diversity and inclusion policy was an important factor in whether or not they chose to join a company” (PwC, 2015b)

Struggling to recruit more diverse staff? This could be because the trust isn’t there in the interview process that diversity is recognised, rewarded, and recruited. Our experience means we have a sharp insight into the tech talent market and how difficult it is to recruit and retain the diverse talent that you need to have the edge on your competitors.

You might be experiencing challenges hiring despite offering the latest in cutting edge tech, exciting toys and gadgets in the office, competitive salaries and flexible policies. We help you bust myths such as taking the name off a CV reduces gender bias (and many more), resulting in an accessible and inclusive recruitment process that makes a real difference to your direct talent pipeline.

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